Tips for Hiring a Moving Company for a Commercial Move

Any type of move can be quite hectic, but since commercial spaces tend to be larger than residential areas, commercial moves can take extra planning and preparation. Whether you're moving into a new office or a new retail location, hiring experienced commercial movers is sure to make your move much less stressful. One of the keys is to select the right moving company for the job, which can take a little bit of time. If you are in need of a commercial moving company, use the following tips.

Look for Moving Companies That Specialize in Commercial Jobs

In most cities and towns, there are multiple moving companies in business. Some only do residential moves, some focus on commercial moves, and others offer both commercial and residential moving services. When it comes to your commercial move, it is in your best interest to book a moving company that only does commercial moves. There is a big difference between moving mattresses and transporting all of the computers in an office, so a moving company that only does commercial moves will have employees who are highly experienced in all aspects of helping a business move into a new office or retail location.

Start the Booking Process Early

A commercial move needs to be planned carefully, and preparations for the move should be started as far in advance as possible. This includes booking a commercial moving company as soon as you determine the exact date of your move. In fact, booking a commercial moving company should be one of the first things you do—it is imperative to know that you will have a moving company on-site to assist your company on the day of your move. Booking a commercial moving company early helps ensure that you can find a reputable moving company that specializes in commercial moves and is available on your moving date.

Ask About Insurance

Never, ever hire a commercial moving company with insufficient insurance. A reputable commercial moving company will be fully insured in order to financially protect themselves and their clients. A commercial move often involves transporting very expensive items, so you will want to know that the moving company's insurance company will cover the cost of any items that are lost or damaged during the moving process. Before you sign a contract with a commercial moving company, do not be afraid to ask for proof of insurance—it's better to be safe than sorry.  

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