How To Pack A Mirror For Moving Day

Mirrors are a lightweight and common object within your home, but their small size and low weight don't make them easily movable. Since they are almost entirely made out of glass, moving a mirror is an extremely difficult thing to do – their fragility means that they can easily break, and the sharp edges that they can create can be a massive safety hazard. Fortunately, you can prepare a mirror to be moved without risk of damage or harm occurring fairly easily with the right technique and materials.

Tape Everything

The first and most important thing that you can do to make sure that your mirror is safe to move is to tape over the entirety of the glass surface. Making a grid is the most effective way to do so: depending on the size of the mirror, this can require a lot of tape, but in the end, it's worth it. This way, in the event that your mirror does unfortunately break while in transit, the glass will be held together and won't be at risk of cutting anyone and can be easily cleaned up.

Pack it Up

Next, you'll want to cushion the mirror completely. While there are different types of cushioning available, bubble wrap is the most effective to wrap the mirror with, since it can be easily applied and taped into place like a blanket. Be sure to use at least two layers over the glass to ensure that it is properly cushioned. If possible, you'll want to fit the mirror into a moving box, filling all extra space with more bubble wrap and labeling the entire thing as fragile. However, mirrors tend to be quite large, and it can be hard to find a box that properly fits. It's better use extra bubble wrap than to cram a mirror into a box that is simply too large or too small for it.

In the Truck

Mirrors should never be laid horizontally within a truck. This makes them much easier to break, and it is extremely simple to forget that a flat box on the bottom of the truck is fragile. Instead, make sure that the mirror is standing straight up and supported in an area where it will not shift when your moving truck takes a turn. Ideally, this will be near the back of the truck so that it is among the first things that you take out and is thus unlikely to be damaged by shifting furniture as you unpack.

For more tips, work with a local residential moving company. 

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