Pack Shipping Containers Correctly

If you are going to be loading a shipping container, then you need to be sure you load everything in a specific way. If you take the time and put in the effort to pack the shipping container in a way that not only protects things but also prevents as much shifting as possible, then you have increased your chances of having everything being just as you packed it when the container gets to its destination. Here are some of the things you need to do to pack the container correctly.

Start by inspecting the shipping container

Before you start to pack anything in the container, make sure it is fully inspected by you. Look over the entire container and make sure there are no holes in the container.

Holes that you see inside of the shipping container are bad because those holes will allow things like water and pests to get inside of the container. Water can damage your belongings, and insects can breed, which can mean an infestation in your items. Also, certain types of rodents and termites can damage your belongings.

Pack the container correctly

You want the largest and heaviest items all the way in the back of the container, tied in correctly. The back of the container is the farthest from the doors. The rest should go in with the heaviest items on the ground and the lightest objects on the very top of the piles. Use mattresses to line the sides of the walls, making sure they are tied securely to the walls.

You want to work your way from the back to the front with boxes, checking to see if anything needs to be tied in place along the way. Tie everything in where there is even the slightest chance of shifting. Use cushions or blankets to fill in spaces where nothing else is going to fit. You could save a single large mattress to put in last so that it will be against the doors. Packing in this manner will make sure everything is secured and protected, meaning your items can handle some movement without things getting crushed or damaged by the walls.

Protect items from falling due to empty space

If you don't end up filling the shipping container up all the way, then you want to be sure you block off the empty space. You can use appropriately sized sheets of plywood. Push the plywood sheets up against the mattress you put at the end of your load and tie the wood securely in place. This prevents the load from falling into that unused space.

For more tips on how to pack your shipping container, contact a company like Container Liquidators Inc.

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