5 Downsides To Using Friends And Family For Your Move

When moving to a new house, many people recruit their friends and family to help. While this is certainly a money-saving option, it can come with additional downsides. What are some of these downsides, and how can professional movers fix the problem? Here's what you need to know.

1. You'll Micromanage the Move.

When you rely on a team of unproven amateurs, you will likely find yourself having to manage the physical move much more than you want. You know that they generally don't have the training or tools to do things in the most correct and safe ways, so you'll likely end up trying to protect everyone and everything yourself. 

2. Your Friends May Not Be Reliable.

People moving from one home to another have to do so on a fixed deadline. If this is the case, you should have all needed help prearranged — on time and ready to work. And everyone needs to keep up that momentum throughout the moving day. As such, the best way to ensure this is to contract with professionals whose job is to get things done. 

3. You'll Still Pay Costs.

Forgoing professional moving services doesn't mean your move will be expense-free. Like any move, you will most likely still pay for the packing materials, moving tools, truck, trailer, insurance, and fuel. You may also need to pay for food and drinks for your crew. The only expense you generally save trying to do it yourself is the professional labor cost. However, by hiring a moving company, they can manage these costs for you.

4. Your Friends Aren't Insured.

Moving companies carry their own liability and workers compensation insurance coverage. However, if you use your friends and family, that additional risk is transferred to you. Any belongings carried around, loaded on trucks, and transported might only be covered by your own homeowners' insurance and your own deductibles. And if anyone is hurt, you may have to cover these costs as well. 

5. You'll Be Alone On the Other End.

Don't forget the other end of the move. If you have friends and family to help pack up the house, do you also have someone to help when you arrive in your new one? Long-distance relocations make this very difficult. In contrast to the piecemeal approach, hired pros are with you from the move out through the move in. 

Could your move be less stressful and less hazardous by avoiding some of these downsides to informal help? If so, start by learning more about budget-friendly residential moving services in your area today. Likewise, constant a residential moving service for more information. 

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